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Mastertent Shop | 3,8x3,8 m

The customer request:
having a special and noticeable tent.  This was the request of our customer, a marketer with different promotion tents, who present itself at different fairs and marketplaces all over Italy. The shop 4,3x4,3 m which we have in our assortment is not suitable for a modular set up and moreover too big for our customer’s purpose.  As he normally hires a corner booth where he has 2 sides of sales and exhibition area, he wanted to have this covered, better said to have a awning on this two sides. In addition, he wanted to have a tent which catches one’s eye between all the other tents. 
The MASTERTENT solution:
As solution it was planned a stage between the shop 4,3x4,3 m and the shop 3x3,8 m. The produced shop 3,8x3,8 m has an automatic awning on the forefront as well as on the right or left side. Plus, the corner between the two awnings is covered. Both the awning are not single parts, but part of the tent structure and opens automatically when opening the tent.
Depending on how the Shop tent is set up, the awnings are either in the front and right or in the front and left. A turning of the tent is sufficient.
With this solution, the customer now has additionally to the classic 3x3 a cover on two sides and therefore 5,5m”, in other words 60% more covered surface. The occupied space on the ground however still remains the same.
As all the other MASTERTENT tent also this one can be delivered smoothly with the preassembled roof.
Mastertent Shop | 3,8x3,8 m
Mastertent Shop | 3,8x3,8 m
Mastertent Shop | 3,8x3,8 m
Mastertent Shop | 3,8x3,8 m

Mastertent Shop | 3,8x3,8 m
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