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Mastertent 6x4 z dwoma markizami

The customer’s request:

"The very moment my customers get near my sales stall, they must be offered optimal comfort ... and that means especially not to leave them out in the rain" that have been our customer’s words. On markets and trade fairs, where people sell and promote stall next to stall, often little details influence the decision of possible customers and do the trick to snatch them away from under your competitors nose. Individual and personal service must have huge priority.

Customer requirement: 

  • It must be possible to cover, depending on the event, two areas through a modular positioning.

  • Each tent should not consist of individual parts in order not to lose them on the assemblies as the tent move from market to market.
For the assembly there should not be necessary any use of tools.
Fast assembly with his own staff who sells on the markets and not through experts.
The roof must always remain mounted. 
Certifications and warranties.

The MASTERTENT solution:

The solution elaborated from our in-house development department was as easy as brilliant. 
We just added two roof awnings – each with 80 cm – to a folding tent 6x4 m (already in our assortment of MASTERTENT products from several years). The awnings will open automatically with the tent frame, therefore are part of the tent itself and not a loose component that often can get lost. With this solution the customer now has – in addition to our standard folding tent with 24 m2 – an increase of 8 m2 of covered area on two sides.
Mastertent 6x4 z dwoma markizami
Mastertent 6x4 z dwoma markizami
Mastertent 6x4 z dwoma markizami
Mastertent 6x4 z dwoma markizami

Mastertent 6x4 z dwoma markizami
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