Merida – Bikes makes use of modular system

Build up a city of many tents – fast and easy.

Merida - Bikes
are forced time and again to cover big areas so a single folding tent is too small. Because of this the client decided to buy a lot of folding tents and thanks to the modular system they can be connected fast and easily together. These folding tents are not only being used as a protection from sun and rain but also as an advertising medium. Because of this the client decided to print all the surfaces (roofs and sidewalls) with their logo. Merida- Bikes also purchased counters and sidewalls for internal separation. They can easily separate the big tent into small rooms.

Many Mastertents can be connected together making a large tent for big events.

Thanks to our modular system it is possible to create one large tent for big events without much effort. The folding tents can be connected easily together. The connection of the tents together with the connecting elements provide more stability and the rain gutter protects the interiors.

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