Folding tents with awnings cover more area

It is not a problem to cover a bigger area with a 3x3m tent when you have a Mastertent folding tent with awning. Thanks to our folding tents with awnings it is very simple to cover large areas. You can cover an additional 9.5m squared with a 3x3m folding tent with 4 awnings. This means you can cover a total area of18 meter squared.

Folding tents with self-opening awnings

In contrast to our competitors our awnings open automatically when the folding tents are set up. As is with our other models, this model requires no tools for set up and it can be set up in almost 60 seconds. Our folding tents with awnings are used especially for markets, fairs and exhibitions because the awnings protect the products and the clients from the sun and the rain. Depending on the size and model, the folding tents can have up to 4 awnings which also means you can have just one or two awnings if you want.

More space for your ad

The awnings create not only the possibility to cover bigger areas but also to use the additional surfaces for your advertising. Thanks to the bigger roof you have more space and can position your logo better.

Take a look at our most beautiful pictures and configure your folding tent with awnings!




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